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Alpha Course Schedule, Fall 2016

Format:  Wednesday evenings, beginning with a meal at 6:15pm in the parish hall followed by a talk and small group discussion.  We end at 8:30pm.

Schedule – Fall 2016

September 14 Wednesday 6:15pm Celebration

"What is the Meaning of Life?"

September 21 Wednesday 6:15pm

"Who Is Jesus?"

September 28 Wednesday 6:15pm

"Why Did Jesus Die?"

October 5 Wednesday 6:15pm

"How Can I be Sure of My Faith?"

October 12 Wednesday 6:15pm

"Why and How Should I Pray?"

October 19 Wednesday 6:15pm

"Why and How Should I Read the Bible?"

October 26 Wednesday 6:15pm

"How Does God Guide Us?"

October 29 Saturday Retreat

“Who Is the Holy Spirit?

"What Does the Holy Spirit Do?"

"How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?"

November 2 Wednesday 6:15pm

"How Can I Resist Evil?"

November 9 Wednesday 6:15pm

“Does God Heal Today?"

November 16 Wednesday 6:15pm

"What About the Church?"



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