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Bringing People to Jesus!
July 14, 2014, 10:00 PM

For over 15 years our diocesan slogan for the Episcopal Diocese Albany has been “Disciples making Disciples.” I love this slogan but I confess I’ve long thought it was redundant.  Making disciples is what disciples do!  If a disciple of Jesus is not growing as a disciple and contributing to making new disciples, then they aren’t disciples in the first place.   But now that I find myself Priest in Charge of a 122-year-old church plant I understand the wisdom of simple slogans in focusing, reinforcing and highlighting what is essential.  Many a church exists where being a disciple is not really emphasized, much less making new ones.  Reinforcing the core of our purpose is smart!  So with humility I’d like to talk in this blog about our slogan, mission statement, and vision for All Saints Round Lake:  Bringing People to Jesus!

You might argue that this, like the diocesan slogan, is redundant.  Bringing people to Jesus is what churches do.  If a church is not bringing people to Jesus then they aren’t really a Christian church at all.  And yet there is beauty and power in this simple statement that captures what we are about at All Saints and what our mission is moving forward.  Here are three things I love about our slogan.

  1. It is action oriented.  To bring is to accompany someone on a journey – to come with them.  It implies outreach in a non-threatening way – keeps our focus looking outward while bounding it to some extent.  We don’t coerce people to Jesus, or alternatively sit by ourselves in a Holy Huddle enjoying a closed social club.  We simply invite people to “come and see” and gently lead/accompany them on their journey in whatever non-pressurized but effective way we can.
  2. It models both both Healing Ministry and Evangelism.  When someone comes for healing prayer during communion we ask – “What would you like Jesus to do for you?” and do our best to bring the person and their concerns to Jesus to be healed.  Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother Brought Him to Jesus with the simple invitation – Come and See!  It is the essential task of the church. 
  3. It centers on Jesus.  The name Jesus means “The Lord Heals.”  Sometimes translated “The Lord Saves,” or “The Lord Delivers.”  When we bring someone or their concern to Jesus we bring them to the one who can heal them, deliver them, save them.  The church and the mission belong to Jesus, and He gives us the awesome blessing and responsibility to enter into His work.  And our primary tasking in this is in bringing people to Him and doing what He asks us to do. 

The vision for All Saints Round Lake is a church that brings people to Jesus! If we are to accomplish this task we mush first go there ourselves.  What shall we bring to Jesus this day?  Who will you be bringing to Jesus at All Saints this week! 

May we be filled with the Holy Spirit and given power and wisdom to bring people to Him to be saved, healed and delivered!  It truly is in Jesus Name!


“And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.”  Luke 9:2

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